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Sustainable Landscaping

Funds still available for the “Buellton Beautiful” Landscape Rebate Program


The City of Buellton is excited to announce that the newly-expanded “Buellton Beautiful” Landscape Rebate Program is now accepting applications! Improve the landscaping in the front yard of your home or business while also improving water efficiency! 

The updated program offers more flexibility and additional opportunities for participation! Now being offered to both Buellton residents and businesses, the newly-expanded program offers the following opportunity. Don’t miss out!

$2.00 rebate per square foot of improved landscaping
Maximum of $1,000 for eligible residential or commercial properties
Applies to front yards or setback areas visible from the street
Existing front yard does not need to have living landscaping
Applications must be approved in advance of work being started

All Buellton residents and business tenants/property owners are encouraged to apply! The City Council has allocated $25,000 toward this program for Fiscal Year 20/21. Apply Now! Available funds will go fast!

Additional restrictions apply. For further details on the program, please visit the City’s website application or contact the Planning Department at 805-688-7474. Applications are available in the City Planning office or can be downloaded by clicking this link – Landscape Rebate Application 

Water Wise Gardening

  • The biggest potential for water savings is outdoors.
  • While a 15 minute shower uses 30 gallons, watering an average lawn for 15 minutes uses 700 gallons!

Green Gardener Program

The Green Gardener Program for Santa Barbara County educates local gardeners in resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. The Green Gardener Program is a regional program designed to offer education, training, and promotion of participating gardeners and landscape maintenance contractors.

Here’s an updated list  (updated February 2021) of the Certified Green Gardeners in Santa Barbara County.

City Hall Landscape Makeover

Completed in September 2015, this project was a culmination of City staff and landscape architect design ideas, a conservation corps grant and crews to help with the tear-out and installation of new drought-tolerant landscape and hardscape.

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